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"Since the inception of Leading Edge Land Services, Inc., I have witnessed a steady and well-managed growth of the company with a level of service that has increased rather than decreased, as is normally the case with firms as they expand. The management and staff of Leading Edge have a very special combination of talent that I can say truly places the company in a league of their own. ”

George Hack
Director, Construction Contact Administration
WBQ Design & Engineering
Orlando, FL

Leading Edge Land Services
Leading Edge Land Services, Inc., is a professional Surveying and Mapping company serving Florida, specializing in all aspects of surveying for control, boundary, topographic, construction and design surveys.

Leading Edge was founded in Orlando, Florida in 1997. The founders had a vision for a survey firm with a goal of providing a quality product for every project in a timely manner and a reasonable fee, a vision which still shapes our business today.

Leading Edge Land Services, Inc. is deemed by the Federal Government to be a woman-owned small business (WOSB) and is classified as a WBE with the Office of Diversity in Florida.

Leading Edge Land Services, Inc. is incorporated in Florida. Our professional personnel are licensed in Florida and Ohio.

Company Officers:
Sally M Kohn
JL Youderian

Chief Financial Officer
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