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"Since the inception of Leading Edge Land Services, Inc., I have witnessed a steady and well-managed growth of the company with a level of service that has increased rather than decreased, as is normally the case with firms as they expand. The management and staff of Leading Edge have a very special combination of talent that I can say truly places the company in a league of their own. ”

George Hack
Director, Construction Contact Administration
WBQ Design & Engineering
Orlando, FL

Company Officers

Sally M. Kohn
Mrs. Kohn has been involved in engineering and in surveying most of her life. She graduated from East Tennessee State University with a bachelor's degree. Surveying has offered a unique combination of a love of the outdoors along with the practical application of math skills. At Leading Edge, she has been instrumental in developing the administrative side of the business. She has directed the development of field standards as well as CAD standards for the entire company. Mrs. Kohn has used her management skills and her people skills to oversee the growth and production of the offices in Orlando and Atlanta. As President and Chief Executive Officer of Leading Edge, Mrs. Kohn has been on the forefront of its growth and success.

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